2016-Present: Ph.D. Dept. of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University

2012-2016: B.S. Tufts University

Majors: Computer Science and Biology


2016-Present: Johns Hopkins University. Baltimore, MD

Research Assistant

Summer 2020: Illumina, Inc. San Deigo, CA

Bioinformatics Intern

Summer 2016: Berg Health. Framingham, MA

Analytics Intern

2012-2016: Tufts Academic Resource Center. Medford, MA

On-Call Tutor


rowbowt (C++) : Query large, repetitive genomic collections quickly with space sublin- ear to input size.

Collaboration with researchers across multiple universities.

levioSAM (C++) : Lift over alignments from variant-aware alternate references.

Personal Genome Constructor : Use low-coverage imputation to improve NGS read alignment accuracy and alleviate reference bias in downstream analyses (e.g. variant calling, allele-specfic expression).

Draws upon alignment data from SRA and variant data from the 1000 Genomes Project.

pfbwt-f (fork) (C++) : Efficiently build a Burrows-Wheeler Transform from a se- quence containing high amounts of repitition.

varcount (C++) : Calculate NGS alignment coverage over a predefined set of variants.


Illumina Cares


Programming Languages: Bash, C++, C, LaTeX, Python, R, Rust

Tools/Frameworks: Unix, docker, HPC (SLURM), tidyverse, numpy/scipy, SnakeMake